«Men In Black» Trilogy

EDIT 2022: MIB GOLDFISH, BLACKOUT. Dead man apparel, elvis, not what it seems motif.

(*Coffee species speak huttian, i.e. Jabba the hutt)

EDIT 2023: Edgar in American English.
(ˈedɡər) noun. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “rich, happy” and “ spear”

P.S. – Another thing about how the MIB dynamic duo is portrayed.
They are shown in accord to the “Chariot” tarot card, one white and one black.
They mindlessly serve this chariot, the MIB office, and its leader – the new world order.
Read between the lines: “This is only a fraction of our vast undermining operation – look what we’ve done with just this one card. We have all the shades of evil you can think of.”

Very few have heard about the animated series, made after the initial release.
It was very entertaining, as you can judge for yourself from the opening sequence.

There’s not much to say about the sequels, they were made mostly as a commercial franchise. Maybe just a few words about the third part…

The first scene outwards tells your subconscious what the movie’s about:
Spielberg, again, is a master at covert propaganda operations like this one.
He tells you in the exposition – It’s about an agency office that monitors and controls, ironic quote: “Dangerous aliens“.
This is said in context, quite diminishingly, between agent K and an INS officer.

[INS stands for; Immigration and Naturalization Service (former United States agency, now part of several agencies in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security)]

“Aliens” here are meant as strangers, immigrants.
To understand this, let’s review the concept of “Birth”, which is a naval term.
The word and its deviations define a natural delivery of one or more babies unto a vessel. Hence, we can see the connection between such agencies as the border patrol and the principal law of the seas in government, as suggested by Mark-Kishon-Christopher.

Not the United States Air Force, not the Navy Seals, or other forces fabled as “mason-only” – are more suited for a job which requires chasing after minorities.
Especially when a “capo” position is proposed.
That’s the reason for the NYPD agent to get elected for this “elite” job.
That’s a very thick clue for all to know who are the police, really, in their town or city.


Be there…or be square.
—K to J upon giving the address.
Another exoteric masonic phrase, as if suggesting luxury.
According to production designer Bo Welch, the headquarters was designed to resemble a 1960s airport. As in – dealing with arrivals unto a vessel-in-dry-dock.
The building states “Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority“,
and shows three 3D sculpted, unspecified coat-of-arms.
The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, doing business as MTA Bridges and Tunnels, is an affiliate agency of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that operates seven intrastate toll bridges and two tunnels in New York City.
“Фрукты, овощи везёте?” – Брат II.
The fact that the U.S. still views itself under such quarantine (Lit. “40 days”) while being equipped with their technology is ridiculous, but only further addresses their politics.
I don’t have the time and effort to talk about the ventilating system, or the one guard who sits there, or the elevator, or the central entry they’ve put in that triple-fold building they made, or even the unique prop chosen to act as an ashtray-trashcan.

The MIB is monitoring those human arrivals, (here portrayed as monstrosities, for a reason)  who deviate in a special manner from the, let’s say, desired results.
We can ultimately characterize those people as thinking, rational beings, not easily subdued to manipulation, thus requiring special force.

We later see how the single approach our agents make as part of “routine“, bordering on the current emergency situation on hands – is the apprehending a couple who just had an alien delivery. Your subconscious, if it had any plans to rebel against the stream of lies, is laid to rest again.
A person equipped with critical thinking, and of course- judging not without empathy, like me, might not readily accept: Who of this couple is the alien and who is the human. Think about it – none of this pair is SHOWN to be a monstrous alien. That’s true empathy.

Contrary to that – the most sympathetically appealing moment of this movie is the dual story of agent K and his wife. In fact – this is a subtle precursor alert telling you of the Stasi state which America lives under – long before it was reported by whistleblowers.
The powerful message affects those who still struggle with their abandonment issues and playfully addresses their private “comatose”.
* The movie first shows us a B&W pulp journal related to our “Beatrice”, only to show the culmination of agent K’s romantic storyline in a colorful journal of the same type.
A wink at “THEY LIVE“, perhaps…
At ease, soldier.

We are then told that the aliens that are cooperating with MIB are all entertainers, dealing in the distraction business; either teachers or celebrated people, or, as in the third movie – fashion models.
Although only serves to clarify the mason term for “formatted person” as clay is in the hands of a master sculptor. We will see the same attitude in the movie “Zoolander”.
Stay tuned.

The aliens are monstrous, literally because a human being is, well, defined by the term “Monster”. As brought to our attention by, again, M.K.C, the legal definition clarifies:
“A monster, although born of a woman in lawful wedlock, cannot inherit.”

The agency that poses itself as a ministry of masons in disguise is simply a ministry of slave owners. Ipso-facto they regulate those who do not have property.
That’s nothing to be ashamed for those posers.
Remember – we are all masons by default.

The first and last movies feature some connection to the American baseball game.
Mark Passio in one of his first, earlier videos, states the reason why exactly this form of sports is masonic by tradition.

The human brain is then said to be considered, in some galaxies, as an infectious hazard.
This was NOT a joke to people who have studied what may be considered “Scientology”, or information of similar polemic. This is a serious revelation, disguised in the overall context as a nuisance humor.

The seemingly hostile villain is a cockroach not by mistake. This is just another attempt of ridicule. This prophesizes the savior will fight trough overcoming bodily challenges like immediate-gratification foods. Watch the documentary “THAT SUGAR MOVIE”.
Sugar, as a narcotic drug, stands next in line to heroin.

His “bride’s” name is Beatrice, a reference to the “Divine Comedy” (apparently, this was a trilogy before it came to be) in which a poet crosses purgatory, inferno, and paradise – in search for his loved one.
He is driving a green van, which is opposed to Will Smith wearing and using RED and is described with the symbol of the lightning bolt – meaning he is Hermes Trismegistus, the messenger of the gods, the savior archetype and the holder of knowledge.

His attempt is to get a miniature galaxy – The belt of Orion is a dumb trick to refer the constellation Sirius A and\or B. Not unlike the double mentioning of planet Venus.
Is the journey to gain knowledge of the principle of “as above so below”, nothing else. You know now who’s the real “bad guys”.

Just in case you might “wake up” – You are told that the bad guys are either Jewish or Communists, or both at the same time, and the “As above so below” effect is dimmed with the reversal shots of two different groups equipped with guns and approaching conflict.
Plus – a quick advertisement of  FORD automobiles for you to know what the cool guys buy.

The “gray alien” is the one who later mumbles the word “BELT” as “BELL”.

At the morgue. {which, when you think about it, is again – a reception of “arrivals”.}
we see B&W tiles, similar to the actual title reference to masonry.
These are tiles, not flooring, which signifies this exact scene more than any other.
The unique feminine of the film, the goddess, if you will; is stated by the heroic duo as “Queen of the dead”, and all she does is emphatically succumb to their “white robe” authority. How ironic, as she is a doctor herself…

The ending scene, a very funny one like in the 2nd installment, is a portrayal of that key hermetic concept, with the famous phrase of Albert Einstein in mind, or perhaps a reference to a book I haven’t read – “The bead game”.

P.S. – The apparatus, used to erase memory, is actually taking effect, every time, on the audience – by the principle of handshake-interruption hypnosis technique.
You can witness the same trick with quite a simple experiment on yourself or relatives – With your train of thought commonly switched off when entering a somewhat new facility or closing a door after you.


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