Transparent Monadism. «ANT-MAN»

Ant-Man: a man becomes god and then comes back to reality.


Applying the operation on one being automatically affects its’ surroundings and bares irreversible outcome… so it is in some way opposite but close to making time manipulations- where you affect everything in existence at once.
Here, the mind is shifted to regard a sentient being (containing a merit of free will) as taking different actions than it is in reality.
Meaning that an action’s impact remains the same, but is not apparent to the beholder.

This is called [mass] HYPNOSIS. And it shifts your perception of time, as well.
Time being the happening between one act to the next.

And so, accordingly, the whole movie, as you’ll see, is hypnotising.

It appeals to atheistic people, who 

-“My girl left me. My mom died. My father got deported…

This movie starts by straight out telling us about how this world goes unchallenged, with man governing his fellow man with legislation, concerned with material possessions. Terminating familiar connections.

The formula OF A PARTICLE proposed in the movie is a subatomic “valve” that could monitor diffusion of mass (which is also energy).


ENERGY INTO MASS is the knowledge to manifest instant reality.
It means being god, but not being whole with nature.
It means the denial of god in an atheistic way.

But this “revolutionary” idea is being exploited to make a perfect soldier- a slave being so dense that it is invisible to the beholder. The “end” of warfare as we think we know it.
We will ignore the other consequences of this proposal.

It states that the problem of current affairs is with surveillance, and the difficulties it creates for the “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” to roam freely in their wake.
This is atheistic in the sense that no morals exist in principle.

This whole movie is hypnotising, as it appeals to people with strong parental instincts who are less competent with man’s law. For example- Like when the hero is once again experiencing problem with POLICE The following statement of the movie is:

“The laws of nature transcend the laws of man.
And i’ve transcended the laws of nature.”

A murder takes place next. As a way to resolve argument and gain as a result.

While we logically try to reject these notions, our conscious stream is absorbing it as a programmed sheet of information, since no obstacles were put in place.

Also, as hard as the moviemakers try to paint both the hero and the villain having common characteristics, they differ in their approach to a problem, the hero of course being the creative one.
Moreover, They value things differently and prioritize their outcomes accordingly.

The psychopath and his company don’t see any difference
between levels of consciousness in life.

:Hypo – Under \\ Gnosis – know:
Their understanding of reality as it is was defected.

download (1)
Use over time for: hypnosis

Admittingly, the hero DOES get back to crime, and there’s no excuse this time.

But eventually, he apologetically goes to return the stolen property
(Especially since it was more harmful to him rather than the fact it was stolen by permissive designing). Although his crime was, once again, non violent, he is captured.

The mother explaining to her daughter that “”daddy gets confused sometimes”” is paired with that daughters’ bunny rabbit doll to explain how bad morality can go through generations, perhaps getting worse.

And here’s my problem: The scientist, Pym, is portrayed as the authority God figure; since he not only permitted the stealing, but instead of dropping charges (as he should) he transforms into a lawyer (LIAR) for a playful chat.
Only then, dropping the hero into desperation, does he provide escape by way of his suit. THIS HERE IS ONE HELL OF A MANIPULATION. Why not simply ask?

*Obsessive viewers might notice the pattern in this film concerned with drinking beverages.

The scene yelling “Vertigo, Vertigo!” where we traverse from one perspective to another by sliding on a Taxi car mirror is possibly key to transition in mind editing.

Pym is basically the devil dressed up as god.
He wants you to subscribe to breaking the law in order for you to redeem yourself.
He wants you to bend your knee and break your own words and principles to achieve HIS goals in life.

Not only he is subversive, but his lies about the ants needing a leader, when they already have a queen, is most revealing about how the dynamic of this film goes.

Dr. Pym’s daughter, Hope, is symbolic. Her father is not only an authoritarian with a  god-complex, he is a manipulative psychopath that is, as well as the villain in the film, trying to achieve domination over nature- although between carrot and stick, he would go with the carrot.

And Scott’s daughter is resisting the false in her world. No wonder he’s trying to appeal to her and get back in touch. Out of the mouth of babes…

And one more thing here- a thought- How could Scott interfere with such high-end, delicate and extreme piece of technology such as the PYM suit???

We should all agree by now that knowing all that we know about humans and reality, the suit is only a metaphor for our abilities.
But the regulator is a piece not easily recognized.
What could regulate your perceptions of reality to the extent that would change your understanding of how this universe works? Entheogens.
Scott is restricted to visit that mind state by his mentor-captor, out of Pym’s own tragedy of losing a loved one into the “Quantum realm”, which is nothing less than this very known, and regular reality.

What could “take a toll” on Dr. Pym’s mind after being in habit with changing size “on the dime”-easily? Especially since he never actually went to the never realm of shrinking for eternity. Whatever that means…
He lost his mind, his way, since his consciousness was being eating at him and telling him what he is trying to do is wrong. Being in a god-like state isn’t wrong as much as enslaving other sentient beings when you know for a fact that they are.

Not by mistake does Pym say to Cross that he left him because he saw in him too much of himself. Know you know what he meant.

Awareness and stupidity are excluding to each other, just like nescience and freedom are.

It is no surprise that they both got electro shocked at the same time interval.

And of course, the police are just there to say Scott’s delusion are out of hand,
Right after a building imploded and a keychain tank got out of it right in time.

After Pym states his supposition that the experience of the quantum realm would be “”Too harsh for the human mind””, which is idiotic to say the least, we arrive at the creepy moment where we glance on the only photo featuring his wife.
With no portrayal. That was seriously messed up.

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